As Portland’s premier symphonic metal band, Terminal Dusk has been bringing their haunting melodies to stages around the area, enchanting new fans everywhere they perform. The project began in early 2020 with multi-instrumentalist songwriter Matt Bellmore, who, knowing he would need a top-notch vocalist, began collaborating with classically trained singer and vocal arranger Charlotte Bichler. 

Since becoming a full band, Terminal Dusk has gained momentum both by releasing several songs and performing live. Their recent EP Marionette showcases their ability to blend sweeping orchestra and blistering metal. Sergio Salvucci of the band Anaria has been working closely with the band on both the songs and the music video for the title track.  

The EP features three songs that showcase their signature sound. “Marionette” begins with a dark synth beat before the guitars and drums come in, making the song dive into a rock rhythm. The whole song sounds as haunting as the theme of the song, making the listener feel the emotion of losing control and having someone else pull your strings. 
“Everdark” best represents what makes Terminal Dusk’s sound so unique. With symphonic arrangements, heavy guitars and powerful vocals, it is a thrill from start to finish.  

The last track of the EP is a remake of John Lennon’s beloved “Imagine”, which shows the versatility that Terminal Dusk has. The track showcases Charlotte’s voice and the band’s musical range by slowing the pace from the previous two tracks and using an iconic song.

Band Members

Terminal dusk singer, Best singer, Symphonic metal singer

Charlotte Bichler




Charlotte has been training on vocals since she was five, moving on to professional classical training by age ten. With experience in multiple genres, from jazz to country, Charlotte’s beautiful voice is a throughline in the band’s range demonstrated in their music.

Terminal dusk Guitarist, Symphonic metal

Matt Bellmore




Composing for the last 15 years, Matt is a multi-instrumentalist and producer with a deep understanding of musical theory and composition. Though rhythm guitar is his instrument for live performances, he is also the man behind the piano, synth, and orchestral work that makes Terminal Dusk’s recordings and live performances exclusive experiences.

Terminal dusk Lead Guitarist, Symphonic metal Guitarist

Kevin Lake



At a young age, Kevin began playing guitar with his grandfather and quickly gravitated towards metal. Largely self-taught until attending Portland Guitar Academy, Kevin utilizes elements from sources as varied as power metal, melodic death metal, and black metal. Combined, these influences give his guitar work a unique voice.

Terminal dusk drummer, Symphonic metal drummer

Shawn Bayer